Types Of Stress

How To Handle Stress At The Workplace

Managing stress in the work place is a reality that all most all of us have to face for one very important reason. It is imperative if we are to obtain long term success in our careers.

There are some careers which are more stressful than others. Then of course there may be some companies and managers which may be more stressful to work for, than others. As a matter of fact, some amount of stress is required in case we are to push ourselves to the limit. Stress gives us a sense of urgency and purpose.

It is when stress becomes inordinately high and overflows to our personal lives that we need to manage and control it. This article will talk about some of the means by which we can reduce or cope with stress at the workplace.

Try to address issues, which are affecting your stress level, head on. Specifically so, for those issues, which you know you can change.

1. Do you have to drive an hour to work and feel beat up when you reach the office? Join a car pool. Try using the public transport. Do you need to learn how to say no, to certain things? Identifying those issues which can be readily addressed and tackled is the first step in tackling stress.

2. Try to manage your time properly. If you are unable to manage time, it is going to put a great amount of stress on you.  Never waste your time in talking with colleagues, making personal phone calls or surfing the internet for personal reasons at the cost of your primary tasks and duties. Give first priority to your work at all times. After that you can unwind. You deserve to.

3. Take part in some athletic activities like jogging or squash. Yoga classes are a great stress buster. A number of companies are actively encouraging their employees to take part in yoga exercises during work.  If you can’t do anything else, go in for a small walk.

4. Do not neglect your personal life.  Always make a balance between the personal and professional life. It is always important to have a balance between these two, because it is the secret of a healthy life.

5. Are you a square peg in a round hole? Check if the work you are doing is suited to your talents and temperament. Lack of job satisfaction is one of the key reasons for undue stress at the workplace.

6.  If you cannot work things out on your own, then do not shy away from seeking professional help. A good psychiatrist may help you with your problems in a dispassionate and professional manner.