Types Of Stress

How to Relieve Stress at the Workplace

Most of the stress we suffer from is usually related to our profession. On an average, a person works at least 40 hours per week. There are people who spend even more working hours. Stress at the workplace results in long term problems. Stress can be a major impediment that can prevent us from leading healthy lives. It can also jeopardize your professional life by reducing productivity and efficiency.

However, you will be happy to know that there are some definite means for relieving stress at work. The basic reason of stress at workplace is repetitive and monotonous routines. Most of us follow routines that do not allow for release of steam. If we can add some positive deviations to our schedule, it can rejuvenate and add a zing to our work lives by minimizing boredom.

You should first identify the particular problems you face at work. There are certainly some specific problems, which are the reasons of your frustration and anger in office. Due to these problems, you feel tired and unmotivated and this leads to further stress. Once you have identified the problems, try to deal with them one at a time. Rather than tackling a problem at one go, adopt a structured and systematic approach. You may also ask for help from your boss or your colleagues.

The workplace stress may not be entirely work related. Many of our faulty daily habits may also be the root cause of stress. Things like regular morning walks and workouts can go a long way in curing stress related symptoms. Your working style can be erratic as well. If you are stressed out frequently, you should try to incorporate some amount of change in your daily office schedule.

Measures like aromatherapy are well proven and time tested. You can install an aroma diffuser at your workplace. If you can not manage to have one, keep a fragrant tissue within your reach and smell it whenever you feel tired. This can effectively keep the stress at bay by giving you a sense of serenity.