Types Of Stress

Impact Of Technology On Work Related Stress

Living in a modern day information society, we are stuffed with information technology, especially in work environment, without a personal choice as we simply can not do without it. Presently, working environments are usually not IT free and this trend will go on increasing. It is spreading both horizontally and vertically within different organizations and our resources are limited to adapt to it. In this case we just can't ignore the impact of technology on work related stress. For more information on "impact of technology on work related stress", read Does Your Workplace Stink Of Stress.

Work environment now requires you to tackle stress and work efficiently in the ambiance that is competitive. What are the reasons of job stress? 

A) Employees' capability as opposed to working condition is the primary cause of job stress.
B) Differences in individual personality characteristics and coping style also play a major role.
C) Certain working conditions, such as those in coal mines, are stressful to most people.
D) Excessive workload demands and conflicting expectations put the employee in a stressful condition.

Information technology has increased job demands. It leaves employees with repeated change in the working environment providing more and more information which they find difficult to handle properly. These factors definitely increase the stress level and if not moderated, the impact of technology is seen in the form of work related stress.

Managing stress is important because stress and health are related to each other. You can get stress relief by using stress ball which acts as a stress reliever, natural stress management and following stress management tips. Stress management training and stress management tips are provided by some organizations where stress management activities are practiced and they are quite helpful.