Types Of Stress

Job Related Stress

Looking for a job and preparing for it involves a lot of stress. Getting the job, with the profile of your choice, a friendly staff, and the administration that does its best to maintain the human relations at its best, is a blessing. Some of the factors that commonly cause job-related stress include:

    * Job insecurity
    * Heavy workload
    * Changes to duties
    * Tight deadlines
    * Harassment
    * Changes within the organization
    * Insufficient skills for the job
    * Poor relationships with bosses or colleagues
    * Discrimination
     * Long hours

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Today's work environment requires you to overcome stress and work efficiently in the competitive ambiance. What are the reasons of job related stress?

• Employees' capabilities versus working conditions is the primary cause of job stress.
• Differences in individual characteristics such as personality and coping style, also play a major role.
• Certain working conditions, such as those in coal mines, are stressful to most of the people.
• Excessive workload demands and conflicting expectations put the employee in a stressful condition.

Managing stress and symptoms of stress is important, because stress and health are related to each other. You can get stress relief by using stress ball which acts as a stress reliever, natural stress management and following stress management tips.

Stress management training and stress management tips are provided by some organizations, where stress management activities are stressed upon. With a positive bent of mind, it is possible to control and transcend job related stress.