Stress Techniques

Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Stress Relief

If you wish to get rid of stress then you have more than just one way of going about the same. Progressive muscle relaxation is one of the many methods that can help you get rid of stress. It is a tried and tested method that helps you manage stress by releasing the body tension. Reliving of bodily tension provides you good mental and physical health and enables you to be stress free.

Besides helping you get rid of muscle tension, progressive muscle relaxation also helps bring down the blood pressure, heart rate and respiration levels. All of these are symptoms of reduced stress levels.

Using progressive muscle relaxation for stress management has its own pros and cons. On the positive front, it comes across as an easy and simple stress management technique. It just requires a few minutes and does not take much of your time. Once you learn to master the technique, you can practice it at the comfort of your own home as well. To add on, it is a cost effective way of dealing with stress too.

On the flip side, progressive muscle relaxation needs quite some practice before you learn to master it. Also, progressive muscle relaxation may not work all the time. Since it focuses on relieving body tension, it may not be apt when the cause of stress is emotional rather than physical. Instead, progressive muscle relaxation is more apt when the individual is dealing with physical or bodily stress. However, this stress management technique does have some effect in warding off stress at the psychological and mental level.

Practicing progressive muscle relaxation
Follow the below mentioned steps to practice progressive muscle relaxation and experience stress relief.

1.    Find a peaceful place with some time in your hand. Lie down or sit in a comfortable posture.
2.    Tighten the muscles of your face. Clench your teeth, close your eyes tightly and harden your face. Hold this position and inhale through nose while counting till eight.
3.    Now relax your face completely as you exhale. Feel the sudden draining of the tension from the muscles and enjoy the feeling.
4.    Next, repeat the process with your neck and shoulders.
5.    Keep doing it for all your body parts as you move downwards. Just try to feel the sudden relaxation that all your body parts receive thereafter.

Progressive muscle relaxation is very effective as sudden relaxation of muscles pours a kind of liquid on your body and you enjoy the feeling in totality. It has absolutely no ill- effects and can be learnt easily.

So, go and give this stress management technique a try and you will be able to de-stress yourself in a safe yet easy manner.